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We understand the multitude of skills required to run a successful business and we pride ourselves on being able to offer our expertise enabling companies and individuals to reach their full potential.

Established in 1993, Eden Currie's mission was to develop the practice specifically to fulfil the demands of Small & Medium Enterprises and Not for Profit organisations with a turnover up to £20 million.

The result is a leading independent accountancy firm, with a well established portfolio of clients, the majority of whom have joined us through recommendation.

Growth has been assured, firstly from excellent client retention achieved by continually giving our clients an unrivalled service and secondly through merger and acquisition, with firms carefully selected to complement and enhance our expertise and so benefit our clients.

The key to our success has been to form strong partnerships with our clients, achieved by our commitment to give a personal tailored service. Each of our clients has regular contact, and direct access at all times, to the Director responsible for their business matters. We place strong emphasis on positive two-way communication, and take time to become familiar with our client's business so we can be of optimum value and identify potential opportunities on their behalf.

In addition, we constantly review and develop our services to meet the rapidly changing demands of business. Seeking client views and feedback on their future needs is a fundamental element of our development strategy.

We offer support and expertise in all of the key financial and business planning disciplines. View our Services

Services, support and advice are delivered by our professional team combined with a personal friendly approach. Our experience in successfully managing a variety of business challenges with our tried and tested solutions ensures we are both efficient and effective in helping clients.

We would be delighted to have the opportunity to understand your business and highlight how Eden Currie can add value.


Proactive Planning

We use our skills and experience to continually review your situation and give proactive advice on how you can improve the bottom line. We can help with the implementation of any improvement strategies you choose to take advantage of, leaving you time to manage your business.

Personal Service

A Director and manager will be specifically allocated to manage your requirements, respond to your requests and identify and review opportunities which may be beneficial to your business. Our aim will be to become familiar with your business and gain a clear understanding of your particular business objectives.


The quality of service we offer draws on our collective experience and expertise and enables us to deliver effective but practical solutions. We will constantly be using our knowledge and experience to identify new ideas and methods to present to you to help you achieve your goals.


We know that business issues may be time critical and you may need a response rapidly. We therefore ensure our clients have direct access to the Director / manager managing their affairs and all communications are immediately reviewed and responded to within deadlines.


Although our approach combines traditional values giving you a tailored personal service, we have made investment in technology, thus driving cost out of our service and replacing it with efficiency. Our clients also benefit from access to the latest management information solutions to help them effectively manage their business.


Our particular experience and our determination to achieve positive results helps us to provide an effective and beneficial service. We will suggest pro-actively and on a timely basis, information and proposals for you to consider. We do not simply limit our advice to the business but wish to forge a relationship of personal and financial growth based on confidence and confidentiality.

Our Commitment to Clients

We understand that clear effective communication is vital to a successful working partnership. To support this we make working with Eden Currie as easy as possible and make the following commitment to you;

Client Care

A director will be responsible for managing all business matters being handled by Eden Currie.

Any personnel within Eden Currie, involved in activities related to your business, will be specifically selected. We will identify the skills, knowledge and experience which is of greatest benefit in fulfilling your needs. We will ensure that our client service team are trained and briefed to understand your particular objectives and requirements.

Our team structure is designed to ensure effective communication with the client.

We will seek guidance on your preferred methods of communication and the contacts within your firm you may wish us to work with.

Our aim is to open up positive communication channels to build and maintain a strong and effective working partnership. We want to make working with Eden Currie as easy as possible, and make sure queries are responded to and resolved quickly to your complete satisfaction.


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